Constitution vs health boost

Where can one see the ‘value’ of my character constitution? It seems to be as much as my health (unless damaged). Yet there are some skills that increase constitution, but well how would i see the value of that increase? If I increase health do I increase constitution?

To my understanding constitution boost health regen, not sure about health itself, probably no.

Thanks both but one explanation I found said Constitution starts at 300 but I can see no stat that gives its value. Then you have some skills or items that increase constitution but to what??? The constitution bar shares the health bar but I ‘guess’ there is no connection between their values. Any developer want to answer?

The way I understand it to work is that it is equal to your health unless increased with bonuses. So with no bonuses you can regen 100% of your health. A 50% increase of constitution, you could regen 150% of your health.

Now I see after I took the constitution booster and maybe upped my Feral Hunger, Devouring swarm that I recover constitution also while in combat.