Controller issue when mixed with keyboard and mouse

I’m using Windows 10, a wired Xbox controller on Steam version of Grim Dawn (v1.1.6.2 x64). Using Grim Internals and Rainbow mod, and nothing else. It occurs with or without GI.

Currently I play a build mainly with controller, but when in town I like to use mouse and keyboard to manage inventory as it is much faster and easier.

But there is a bug with mixing the controls. I haven’t pin pointed how it was triggered, but I usually manage to trigger after a while.

When it happens:

  1. Mouse control will be perfectly fine. I don’t move anything, the cursor doesn’t move.
  2. Briefly push a stick or a button to switch back to controller. At this point the cursor will move by itself all the way to the upper left.
  3. I can use controller to move the cursor in 3 directions, but the remaining direction (usually up or left) will be stuck - the game will fight me for control always pushing cursor to the top or left.
  4. It only fights me for control of cursor when any interface window (inventory/stash/map) is opened, or in dialog with NPCs. Playing the game is fine.

I haven’t found a way to unstick the cursor other than to restart the game client.

Have you tested your controller for off-center? Controllers can lose tension over time and joysticks can stick. If it is a manageable hardware controller issue, a fix can be to recenter the axis.

You can also swap in another controller to see if this happens identically - in order to rule out physical controller issues.

I’ve used a wireless xbox controller for some time and not run into a software problem on this. I have had to recenter my older controllers on occasion. (But I have yet to try since the latest patch, though…and it is GoG version)

I use a wired Xbox controller with Windows 7 and Steam and have never had an issue like you are describing. I would definitely check with another controller like hammyhamster said. I use no mods and run the x64 version, latest patch.

I asked because it might be a software issue, because the issue went away when Grim Dawn is restarted (until it happens again), and the same controller works find in all other games.

I do have another Xbox controller of the same model but used much less. I have recalibrated the more used controller and I’ll see if I can trigger it again on either of them.

I have had the issue three times, too. But only in Multiplayer sessions.