Conversion Question

Hello guys! Here’s a question I’ve been asking myself for quite a long time.

I’ll be using simple numbers for my example.

Lets just say I have warpfire equiped wich convert 90% of my cold damage to fire damage.

Lets say I have a spell that deals 1000 cold damage and i have +50% cold damage, for a total of 1500 cold damage. How much damage will be converted to fire? 900 or 1350?

In simple words : Is the damage converted before or after the damage% buff?

  1. Damage conversion applies before the +% damage.

900 will get converted, then modified by whatever your +fire% is. The 100 that is left will be modified by the +50% cold.

The idea is that you should boost the damage type you are converting TO, not the original type.

The exception to this is bonus damage on a skill modifier, for example Absolute Zero adding cold damage to Flash Freeze. These bonuses are calculated before conversion, so that the entire net cold damage of the skill is added up and then Warpfire does its thing. THEN item based and devotion based damage bonuses are calculated, with the largest chunk being modified by your listed +fire%.