Conversion Question

Hi all,

I have 2 questions regarding Conversion.

  1. If my %conversion is higher than 100%. How is it calculated ?

For example: Avenger’s Crush (2H Mace) has “95% Lightning damage converted to Physical”. If paired with another piece of equipment that has “25% Lightning damage converted to Vitality”: it seems as if my converted damage is higher than the initial one (95 + 25) ?

  1. How does double conversion work ?

With the same weapon (95% Lightning=>Physical), plus the Necromancer passive (harbinger of Souls : 15% Physical => Vitality), it means that I’ll have 15% of 95% of Lightning converted to Vitality, right ?


If the sum of the conversion percentages is higher than 100%, they get scaled down so the sum is exactly 100%.

For example: you have 100% physical to lightning and 100% physical to fire. You would end up with 50% of your physical damage converted to lightning and 50% converted to fire.

EDIT: In your example, 95% to lightning and 15% to vitality. Their sum is 110%. Each gets multiplied by 100/110 so the sum is 100%. So you would get 95 * 100/110 = 86.36% physical damage converted to lightning and 15 * 100/110 = 13.64% physical converted to vitality.

regarding question 2. From the game guide:

"No matter where the Conversion occurs though, it is only applied once. What this means is that if a skill has its damage converted to another damage type via a Modifier or Transmuter (ex. Aether turned into Chaos), the converted damage cannot then be converted again by items (the Chaos damage from the earlier example cannot be then turned into Elemental via an item because Conversion has already occurred). "

Thank you for the explanations.

I have another question related to this. With transmuted skills, I’m told that the +% bonuses to the damage type that is to be converted is applied before the conversion has taken place, so in the case of AAR, the Aether damage% is applied to the damage of AAR before it is then converted to chaos. That prevents you from losing a lot of the bonuses that are on these skills due to a transmutation.

My question is, does this also apply to other conversions. Will the transmuted damage on a weapon have their weapons +damage% applied before it is then transmuted to another damage type? Or on a skill that gives +physical% and base physical damage. When they get converted to Aether (as an example), will that physical% get applied to the skill’s +physical before it is then converted?

I’ve assume it doesn’t, but it is worth knowing for sure.

Weapon - no
Skill - yes