Cool combinations to try out

I’m almost at 1k hours of GD and the game is starting to feel a bit boring for me since the build I wanted to try can’t work. I need some different ideas to create and make some cool chars. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Mods? There are like 25 new masteries to try out if you get bored of the base 6.

Mods! I’m still happy with vanilla for now, but I’ve tried the mods out and there is A LOT of cool shit.

I’m curious what was the build you were trying to make work? A lot of my GD time now is spent trying to make weirdo builds work :stuck_out_tongue:

Try demo+arc bomber man! Been playing this build for ages, but I never see anyone play it or even talk about it. BWC, canister, grenado, mortars + procs. It’s quite a bit different than any other build and I find it to be quite fun

Not only my time now, but since I bought the game, back at build 27, I think, I’ve always spent most of my time trying those “NOPE” builds. I remember creating threads here in the forum to discuss about a rifle commando that I was trying to make.

The build I was trying was a bleeding warder based around primal strike, torrent and storm surge. Sadly, the bleeding damage from storm surge only aplies to the first lightning bolt that comes from the sky. That made me sad to the point that I wouldn’t play GD again until yesterday (this was a month ou two ago).