Cooldown Reduction Mechanics 2019.

So i’ve been theorycrafting a lil bit with my newb knowledge about the game and tried searching a bit on how does CDR work in this game and what does it affect. However most significant threads were quite old from like 2015 so i thought i’d make a 2019 version.

I’ll ask here if y’all don’t mind:

  1. Is CDR additive or multiplicative?

  2. Does CDR affect item skills and/or devotion skills?

  3. Does Aeon’s Hourglass affect other devotion skills and/or item skills?

  4. Do items with the proc “-X Second to All Currently Active Skill Cooldowns” affect other item skills and/or devotion skills including Aeon’s Hourglass itself?

  5. For the case of items/passive bonuses with give you “5% chance at 80% CDR” since it’s a proc does it decreases the current cooldowns by 80% or …? Do these affect item skills and/or devotion skills?

  6. When does the proc “5% chance at 80% CDR” happen? Is it on attack or skill usage or …?

  7. Any other mechanics i’m missing?

What i think so far:

  1. Additive.
  2. Just devotion skills.
  3. Neither.
  4. Neither.
  5. Current cooldowns, neither.

This is everything you should know about CDR.

Is it possible to give the name of the thread or a new link since this one is broken after the changes to the forums and I am also looking for CDR info :< ?

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In one of the posts, there is a pic:



Thank you very much. I was looking for this pic !

Im little late to the party but please does anyone know if CDR affects pet abilities like ember claw/infernal breath? Thank You in advance.