Corpse Persistence = 0

I googled a bit and found that with corpsePersistence = 1 in options.txt corpses can stay for 1(??) minute! Also, there was a Corpse Persistence slider in the settings in older version.

So… Why did they remove this option? Maybe because of some bugs?
Because I would like to turn it on (maybe not for a full minute but for 10-15 sec), but I absolutely do not need new bugs! :eek:

I believe the slider is still there, I cant confirm it now cuz i cant open the game.
I personally never used it

The corpse persistence slider is in the general tab of the options menu.

It most definitely is still in the options.

Nine, is it intended that the corpse persist in the game when the corpse is off screen?

I noticed this when playing last night. When running through the game at fast pace, once the mob died and become corpse, and i move off screen just to next area of the corpse, the corpse persist there even though my setting is almost 0.

When i came back to the area again after a while, the corpse is still there and start disappearing.

I don’t know if this will cause memory leak or such problem.

LOL! IT IS really here in game. I do not know why I did not notice it! :rolleyes:
Thanks guys i’m saved! :smiley:

And here I thought that everything just exploded into mist because my character’s blows were so mighty and awesome. :stuck_out_tongue: