Corvan minovore never dies?

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Pretty much the title; a very not pressing question:
The minivore has health (Around 150?), is not invincible like some other player scaled pets.
So why does it not die? Or am I wrong and was just too gentle with it up to now?


I was wondering what the 3 new orbs/pets were in Forgotten Gods. Only place I found any data was on GrimTools site. Here’s a link to the Minivore (the others are there too). It seems to have a bunch of passives (according to GrimTools database), but I have no idea why or if they apply only to the pet or player (as it’s classed as a “Cosmetic Pet”). :man_shrugging:

Korvan Minivore Cosmetic Pet

Ah! Forgot about gt. So he’s immune to everything - thx!

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All the cosmetic pets are so they never die. But none of their buffs apply to the player as far as I know. They just follow you around and look cute. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Agree. I don’t think any of the cosmetic pet’s buffs apply to the player’s character. :grinning:

Sadly you can only have a max of 3 of the 7 cosmetic pets available out at once. :sob:

rly? So all 3 animals + 2 shards won´t work?

Don’t think so, but I’ve only got 2 of the pets so far, both from the Loyalist Packs. That’s what Zantai said in a dev stream a while back though and the Wiki also says max of 3.

Yes, I think 3 is max. I have 5 cosmetic pets now. I just tried 4, but could only have 3 with my current build. I only really use the Will’O’Wisp anyway. The new Loyalist2 Sacred Crate is handy for the start of a new build with the Will’O’Wisp. Adds 200 Health & 100 Energy, same as the Wisp (but doesn’t increase light radius).

I have seen a MOD (there may be more than 1) with other pets that can be used. :smiley: