Cosmetic Wings - Iridescent wings

This mod contains cosmetic wings as medal illusions.
However most of the wings needs to be adjusted for the male model.
This is mostly resources for other modders.

Anyone is free to use them as long as I am credited and the source :
Aion wings from Aion
Pride wings from Darksiders 3

I fixed the Pride wings animation and made some smallers version (use pride_idle_60.anm for a 60% size version, exist also in 70,80% version).
I won’t bother fixing the aion wings.



Download here

Ingame use the console and type :

game.spawn “records/items/gearaccessories/medals/medal_tyrael_hots.dbr”

Or talk to Rook (door guard) at Devil Crossing and ask him to give you the wings.


very beautiful. :wink:

Thats absolutely beautiful, definitely gonna check those, wish there was more of stuff like this :smiley:

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Thank you I updated the “mod” to work with medals instead of potion.
Also I reduced the size of AION wings.
You can now apply the wings as a medal illusion instead of using a potion skill.

I tried to make the wings as close as possible to their correct position and rotation.
however if you think they are not perfect you can change them by editing Medal_invisible.mif (for female) and Medal_invisible_Male.mif (for male).

Can the MOD of this screenshot be downloaded?

Thx for your MOD!
The wings work well in my game, but not display in the character window.
How to fix this?

Oh , if you use the wings from the medal (with the medal visible set at true) instead of the skill you should see the wings in your character screen.

I also uploaded the Fire gargoyle wings from Grim Dawn in this new update.


New Korvaak wings from Grim Dawn, I changed a little the animation


New test for Tyrael wings like effect, if I have time I would like to change it but for now I go back playing PoE.

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Great work okami,as always.

Um, nice imports and kudos for that. but um, may I ask what mods you use to make your character look that good?

Thank you, I am not sure what you mean, about the character, I only made the wings, the rest of the character armor is vanilla asset.

Download link at top of post dos not work. How to download?

I forgot to update the first post so the correct link was in my last post.Now updated the link.

how do I install this?

Currently it’s "only " for modders but you can use it if you know how to summon ingame stuff with the console.

New AIOn Daeva wings (I only made the wing for female).


New Wings that try to replicate Tyrael charger wings from WoW.
The second is mostly in test.

Download link in first post

New Theodin Marcel wings in 2 colors green and blue (only made the female position, you can change it in the mif file).

Also remade the “second wings” from the previous video that appear at the end :

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While I can add them in game via console currently they are not possible in grimarillion since grimarillion has its own HUUUUGE item file. Any hints what needs to be added to said file to make them compatible?

PS: Outstanding work! they are almost tooo shiny. :smiley:

It’s true that some wings that use addivescroll are too shiny, it’s hard because this shader make them more shiny when they “stack” and if I don’t stack them the are too transparent.

It should work if you merge it in Grimarillion or any other mod.

Link in first post
Those are the Bathin wings from Bloodstained (but with blue color instead of green)