Could someone reccomend me a nightblade build please?

I’ve just started playing, and looked at a few videos. I’ve seen people playing nightblades and they look fun.

The build that I liked the look of I can best describe as:

It whirls around a lot, teleports, and makes big magical explosions in melee.

Can anyone help narrow down for me which build I might want to look at?


You probably saw adoomgod’s sonic video from playtesting. That doesn’t exist in this game atm. Nightblade does have a teleport skill in Shadow Strike, but whirlwind and other such skills will be coming with the upcoming Forgotten Gods expansion, due out some time in 1st quarter 2019. And whirlwind will certainly not be that fast ingame. :smiley:

Whirls? Sounds like dervish… It’s from an expansion that hasn’t yet been released.

Some of the leveling advice might be dated

Please consider this build too :slight_smile:
Really powerful and fun to play, but every Nightblade is dependent on gear. Nightblade is the only class (imo) that is difficult to start with.