Could use some help

Im gonna try a Conjurer Build witch uses the Totems in Synergy with Vita+Storm Damage. Can somebody take a look and check if it would work like i though?

Yeah, should work. If it were me, I’d ditch the pet and get sigil and possession instead. I’d also prefer vines to wind devil for this, both for the bleed and more reliable control, but I bet you can make it work.

So i came up with this here

In the first Build i got 4 Points left over witch found their way into the Vendigo Totem, maybe i could set them on “Destruction” to make the “Sigil” far more effective.

In the Second Build “Mogdrogens Pact” could sustain “Possesion” with its Energy Input/Output. So i could cover the 4.3 Energy Cost per Second with 4.5 of the Pact.