Could use some help.

I am currently playing around with a level 64 physical+bleed warder and wanted maybe some pointers. I’ve checked Jajaja’s build and while it looks good I cant tell what his devotions are and it looks rather squishy. I am currently using blade arc and would like to keep it sense its really good AoE but I have been seeing other builds similar to mine using Savagery and Primal Strike line. Hows the damage output and is it worth it to switch at a higher level.

I’d show you guys how my stats look but I’m newb and dont know how to do the grim calculator and how to show gear and what not. Im just hoping someone can assist me.


Blade arc falls off into the later game, but it’s one of the best leveling skills in the game. Also, just by being a Warder, you pretty much can’t be squishy. Warders innately have nearly twice as much hp as my characters have… after I put on all my gear! It’s REALLY hard to be squishy as a Warder, trust me. It means you can afford to invest more into damage than some other classes.

Aoe becomes less important when you reach endgame if you’re mostly focused on farming specific bosses for endgame gear and recipes. Keep blade arc for as long as it’s useful to you, just be aware that you may find that it doesn’t suit your needs as well once you’re maxed out and campaign complete.

If you focus on the physical, BA definitely trails off in ultimate. But if you focus on the Bleed, BA is VERY strong. But you’ll need to pick up the clean sweep transmuter and use it on cool down instead of spamming it. This is where savagery/cadence comes in as your main attack. Cadence is a much better balance with physical damage as the 3rd cadence hit is so stronge. Deadly momentum boosts the bleed of BA so there is some help there. Savagery will boost the % WD (with full charges) and the bleed making it stronger for a more pure bleed build.

The strength of BA with CS is in the crits! CS and laceration both add crit damage. So if you keep BA for the bleeding tick crits (which can be crazy) you’ll want to make sure your OA as high as possible and/or reduce enemy DA. Just remember, it is difficult to get enough OA to get your % chance to crit to happen all of the time so the big crits are unreliable. I run a bleed warder with near optimal gear (just need better rolls, but have what should be BiS) I can still reach 200-300K DoT ticks on Fab even after the last nerf to CS. Was getting 250-360k before that… However, that is only about 20-33% of the time… Much more typical to not get the big crits and run in the 150-200k range.

If this is your first character, a physical build (with cadence and no BA) would probably be easier as bleed builds are more gear dependent (need gear with bleed procs and resist reduction).

This [i]is[i] my 1st toon, and I would prefer to stay physical as I am not sure how easy it will be to farm said optimal gear, I’ve poured through the forums and havent really see a 100% pure physical build warder with CA being used as primary attack. If at all possible might you point me in the right direction.

Again thanks for the help guys


There is a cadence variance of jajaja’s beginner’s warder at post 263 of that thread. I can’t link at the moment.

Jajaja’s devotion setup is under the first post.

I’ll check it out thanks GRZ