couple after twin falls and other ideas

The quest of couple don’t give any rewards or any further quest , would it be possible to add something ?

Is it possible to have more quests with hidden islands( i find some poetry in them don’t no y).

Is it possible to add a nemesis for animals or insects ( bees are known for having something who lok like intelligence).

Hadcore online dead caracters(end game) could be added in a game as cursed ennemies (with name of the player of course).A lotery can be made to choose them , it could be cool :slight_smile:

Thanx in advance:)

As i know in expansion animals will have their own faction, so, they will have a nemesis, like other hostile faction (now time you can consider than Mad Queen is nemesis of insects faction)

Cool thanx for the reply bro .But the mad queen is just a boss (tough one though).