Couple of basic elemental questions

First, this is for a build for a commando, I have points in flamed touch. At the current level it says +43 fire damage and +84% fire damage. I’m assuming that with no other sources of fire damage, it’s still close to +70 or a little more fire damage in and of itself (+43+(.84*43)). Is that part correct? Also if I take discord, it says 50% physical converted to elemental. To make the math easy, assuming my attack that is converted in such a manner deals 600 points of damage, the flamed touch boosts a portion of that. Half converted to elemenal so 300 elemental, so 100 damage of that is fire, so flamed touch increases that portion by 84. Also with discord, is that 50% physical converted to elemental on all attacks or just every third attack as is boosted by cadence when it’s bound to left mouse? Also, when I’m using my blackwater cocktail with flamed touch, I get all the flame touched bonuses added to that skill too?

I know a lot of these are just straight up basics and from what I’ve read most of this seems true.

The tooltip on Flame Touched actually already takes into account your +% fire damage modifier.

I’m not sure on how discord works with Cadence. I’d assume it only converts the physical damage from the %weapon damage and the flat bonus on the Cadence hit, not even the flat damage from Deadly Momentum. So yes, only the third hit, but I can be wrong on that one though. It wouldn’t even surprise me if it was only the flat bonus damage on the Cadence hit that was converted…

Only the %fire, %burn and OA from Flame Touched will work on BWC, not the flat bonus since the skill does not have a %weapon damage portion.

Thank you, some of that makes more sense to me now. I only asked about that cadence element third hit thing because I assumed it was the same for devotions, but it seems to me, my devotion ability is proccing off my lead attacks as well as my third attack. I’ll watch both more closely.

The extra flat damage from Deadly Momentum or any other source is contained in the %weapon damage.

Doh, of course it is… I’m an idiot :o