Couple of questions with converting damage

Speccing out a new character that will be using conversion but need a couple of questions answered:

  1. Can you convert a damage type more than once?

E.g. Elemental converted to Chaos with Blood Orb of Ch’thon then the Chaos converted to Aether with 2 x Albrecht’s Duality. I was reading this thread but I couldn’t seem to find an answer, or at least not in the way I understood.

  1. Assuming that the above is possible, what damage type modifier would be best to stack? Elemental, Chaos or Aether? The Grim Dawn Game Guide states:

“What this means is that if you take a skill that normally deals Aether damage and use Conversion to make it deal Chaos damage instead, then the skill will benefit from % Chaos Damage bonuses instead of % Aether Damage bonuses.”

From that I read it stacking the final damage type to be the thing to do, and the damage modifier from the original damage type will not be used in the calculation?

No. /10chars

I discuss the same setup here, but apparently it is not possible. :frowning:

Okay thank you both. To address the second question, if I’m converting from say, elemental to chaos, should I be stacking elemental or chaos damage?

Chaos. /10chars

Appreciated, thanks!

One final question on this:

If I was using Riftstone and performed a Chaos Strike, whilst having 12/12 in Iskandra’s, what type of damage comes out? Let’s assume I’m using Mindwarp in my example.

So the damage conversion’s are as follows:
10% Physical to Chaos (from Riftstone)
25% Physical to Elemental (from 12/12 Iskandras)
15% Physical to Aether (from Mindwarp)
50% Physical as the remainder

Chaos Strike is the following:
+270% Weapon Damage
202 Vitality Damage
86-320 Chaos Damage
+250% Movement Speed

Is that +270% Weapon damage split between the following types I listed above?

Correct, with some more details:
Weapon damage depends on your weapon, as the name implies. In the case of Mindwarp, the base damage on the weapon is physical, so yes, the 270% WD would be split as you listed above, and then the Chaos and Vitality would be added as flat amounts.
If you were using a Warpfire instead of Mindwarp, which has Aether damage instead of physical damage listed, the 270% WD would be pure Aether as you have nothing that converts Aether to something else.

Very informative, thanks for the response.

shouldn’t this be a yes, but only at different tiers ?

Eg the transmuter converts Aether to Chaos and my ring converts Chaos to Vitality (both 100% for simplicity), then I deal Vitality damage in the end

Nope. Damage can’t be converted twice, period.