Crafting: Facilitate Craft of Required Pieces


Every craftable component has a list of pieces needed to craft it. A lot of the lower level ones require only components found in the wild, and that’s ok. But when you need to craft something more complex like mythical relics you need to create components that depends on other components that depends on other components… it’s annoying.

Can we have a function that enables crafting the required parts on the go? The game calculates all requeriments and checks if I can craft my mythical relic along as crafting any missing part of the recipe, recursively. It would be so great.

We have been itching for recursive crafting on many streams over many months by now. Given the fact that we need all blueprints down the line to create our high end gear, this feels like a coding nightmare. But here’s to hoping crate will parsevere.

Unless the data structure is not suited for this, it is actually possible and easy to do a recursive crafting (I work with coding too). I think the problem here is more of a design one (and philosophy too). I don’t think that Crate will create a recursive craft if they can’t find a good interface design for it. But I can only hope!!

Would certainly be nice to have, and the recursion can check for whether I have all required recipes. I doubt we will get this however.

This is a really good idea and definitely a QoL feature I’d love to see in Forgotten Gods.