Crafting materials new and old ones

So I recently decided to try new set transmog feature and after failing 20 times I run out of those damn eldritch essences, so I decided to farm some. And let me tell you, I famed 1 hour straight and got around 4 of them. Yes 4. Like is it just bad luck or drop rates for those things really low? And I don’t even want to talk about celestial lotuses those things just doesnt exist in my game.

Also I never saw essences from blowing up stuff with dynamite, same goes for celestial lotuses.

All this brings one problem what is the point of such drop rates? Crafting in GD is not something that exiting or cool, it’s just a chore especially if you wanna min-max stuff cause after a few tries your wallet is dry and stash is empty. There we go again farm some flowers and other lovely stuff. And this is especially frustrating cause you can’t farm DLC materials in pld areas, so if you want those damn Essences you gotta farm FG until you gonna puke.

My suggestion is to increase drops for such things.

Also can we talk about treasure trove? Why on earth Scrap dropping from it? Please remove it. Also if you don’t wanna increase drop rates for materials from killing monsters, maybe trove can drop more? Like from 1-3 would be nice.