Crash game ( x64)

Hello. The game constantly crashes, starting from infected fields (10-20 minutes). I tried everything, nothing helps. GoG version is 64 bit. Below is the departure log and dxdiag.

Hmm, what have you done to try to solve the problem?

Do these:

  • Update drivers (network, graphics, sound etc)
  • Verify your game installation (in GOG Galaxy, the symbol next to the Extras > Manage installation > Verify)

If they do not help, then I suggest using aprogam called DriverEasy to update everything else on your computer (slow going but worth it to take the trouble). I had consistent crashes in Grim Dawn after 15-120 minutes of play until I did that because something in my system did not like Grim Dawn until I updated all the deep level system drivers. I had completed AoM once before doing that and I must have had hundreds of crashes (this was in 2018). After the updates they disappeared almost completely.

All libraries and drivers have been updated. Checking the cache, repairing the game folder. Departures were only in one place - infected fields. Now I have managed to pass them and I do not experience any more problems. You will need to go back and run around this location longer.

Back in v1170, using the Necropolis rift would cause the game to crash or not finish loading in some cases.
(This should be fixed now.)

The recommended solution (before it was fixed) was to turn on vertical sync in the game options.
(I don’t know if that’s relevant in this case or not.)

I’ve done all this and more.

I only had crashes on infested fields. Vsync on.