Crate - Blueprint: Covenant of the Three (Level 90) drop rate - 1.19% ???

In comparison blueprint Eldritch gaze is 3.57%

Seriously not only Crate nerfed the Doombolt bonus from -2 to -1 seconds CD reduction (completely unjustified btw as even with 3 sec DB cd you arent blitzing through Crucible), but you leave this item with such a joke of a drop rate???

Seriously could you please revise this - makes zero sense at least boost it to 5% drop chance as the time it takes you to get to Sentinel is already huge.

I have done over 200 Sentinel runs and i havent yet got the blueprint to drop.

Considering the item itself is nothing groundbreaking and i would say not even build enabling - it is just bad design

I agree. The drop rate is so very low. I have not done 200 runs. But I have done 100 runs of the last month only to have the eldritcg gaze blue print drop. Not the other blue print or any of the 2 epic helmets.
The drop rate should be bumped up slightly