Crate Entertainment's new project - a town builder

We don’t need proof, we just need: FACT, COMMON SENSE, LOGIC!

Good try powbam, but wrong. This was the first almost exactly 2 years ago now.

However, a hint of what might come our way was even earlier - right back in May 2011.

So yeah, for some of us - really OLD news. :wink:

Ahh… had a feeling there was a lil something prior to it. Jus didn’t feel like trying to find it :wink:

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No problem for me, they’re in my increasingly longer and longer list of things I need to know. :smiley: Those were noted before I became a mod though as I knew people would ask questions about the new project as time went by so made sense to be able to find them quickly.

If you click on the Crate site button in the top menu you can poke around and find 2 pieces of what appear* to be concept art from a city builder too.

Yes, they were mentioned in the Mountain Valley Town thread as well.

Still no idea what the second one might have been for, but as eis said has been on the site pretty much from the website’s inception I think. Who knows. That may also become part of a new Crate project some day. :smiley:

I hope its something like Anno in GD setting.

Difficult to tell atm since we only have the one screenshot from last Christmas’s message and the background screenshot on the Crate website to go on.

Pretty sure they confirmed it had nothing to with gd sadly but maybe it will be a similar setting

That second picture I do believe has to do with the Black Legion game they were originally going to do. I’m pretty sure I came across that picture in some old articles discussing it.

Edit: yup I found the picture in use here, circa 2009…
… enjoy.

This article also uses the picture.

You may want to see the various other articles of it around that time. Here ya go.

The interesting thing tho is that medierra originally did in fact confirm, as I show in one of my posts further up, that it was based in GD’s world, not necessarily the same time frame. So, I’m not sure if there is some kind of mixup going on over it or if something changed at some point.

Thanks for those powbam, I’ll have a look in a bit.

As for Medierra changing his mind I think you’ve confused things a bit. In that quote he says they’re “planning” a spin off based on GD, but then goes on to say the totally non-GD project uses Unity - and we know the town builder has that engine. So possible new game being planned based on GD, but the project already being worked on was the Unity engined town builder.

Yeah I’ve noticed that it could be read that way as well but it’s hard to say for sure since it wasn’t put in the clearest of ways. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll pop in and enlighten us.

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Yeah, but you also have this at the end of his big post in the Mountain Valley thread.

So yes, they are looking at other GD related games, but the town builder was never one of them that I can see.

That not quite ARPGs still intrigues me.

Alright. So it is probably a mixup since he was mentioning different trains of thought with different type games in the same breath basically :wink: kinda his fault but I’ll forgive him lol

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Maybe we’ll finally get that Black Legion third person rpg med teased us with before GD back in like 2009 on the TQ forums lol

Um, this is also intriguing.

“Crate Entertainment also plans to include Internet-based player-versus-player combat in the title. Bruno declined to disclose details of Crate’s second project, also purchased from Iron Lore.”

Wonder what that was.

Well I mean black legion obviously became grim dawn. The pvp title… Dunno. Doubt it’s related to the city builder though

Yeah considering the city builder has the very odd tag of ‘optional combat’ I wouldn’t think that either.

Unless that implies diplomatic means of progressing perhaps.

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My impression reading it again is that it’s referring to Black Legion for the pvp.