Crate made us believe it couldn't be done...

…and yet it can be done!!! MUAHAHHHAH

But only because it’s labeled as a mace with a shield graphic…still kinda hilarious…

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Now we need a Pistol with a Sword skin for some Pistol/Sword action! :smiley:

Btw, did you know this mace has three version, level 50 dropping in Normal, level 75 in Elite, and level 94 in Ultimate?

Best thread title ever

Now I can attempt to recreate my Dark Age of Camelot Valkyrie!

She was based on only bashing foes with shields and self healing.

So maybe Occultist or Inquisitor with Crusader…

I love it!

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LOL. I think this thread would get more views if it had DUAL SHIELDS in the title.

Would love to see a video of this in action. Full zoom please. :wink:

Dual shield confirmed. Now all we need is dual wielding of 2H weapons .

I would not be surprised if shapeshifting is implemented next:cool:

added: how bout bows?

It used to exist in the game, Just when the char changed size it had a “minor inconvienience”, gets stuck in doorways. :wink:

Dual bow for the win :stuck_out_tongue: (too bad there’s no bow in GD to start with)

Good times :smiley:

Please explain, the pic you posted is super tiny. What mace is this?

please can someone tell this story further. Did the game use to have a skill like TQ’s Collosus form? if it did then there is still a sliver of hope gentlemen for a 10th mastery:p:D

Possession used to increase player size, back when it was a timed ability with a cooldown rather than a toggled skill. I think it was changed in B30.

And here I was expecting a new crafting UI :eek: