Creating first caster

I went Aether Ray on right mouse button, fireball from fire component on left. I dumped all attribute points into Spirit and i also took necromancer for the siphon souls and spectral binding.

This reasonable build?

Use to show us build that you want to make

All attributes in spirit = dead character.

I hate to break it to you, but this sounds like a strategy that will get you killed a lot, particularly on the higher difficulties. The standard stat allocation is “enough spirit and cunning to equip your stuff, as much into physique as possible”. The HP and DA from physique is simply worth more than the marginal damage boosts from Cunning or Spirit.

Having both fireball and AAR sounds silly to me - you only need one channel skill, since those fire continuously, you can either fireball or beam. Pick one channeling skill and invest into it heavily. With that in mind, Albrecht’s Aether Ray has a lot of cons - single target only and no lifesteal. Unless specifically geared, most casters are not tough enough to stand their ground. If you’re going necro, you’re better off investing into Bone Harvest and Ravenous Earth. The Necro/Arcanist combo is pretty gear dependent as you need elemental to aether converters for damage. I’d recommend either Arcanist/Demolitionist (sorcerer) for a fire focused spellcaster using transmuted Callidor’s Tempest, transmusted Blackwater Cocktail or Devastation. If you want an easy to gear vitality caster, Cabalist is the way to go.