Critique the ultimate-readiness of my build (Rifle Sorcerer)

Hi guys

Just looking for a bit of input on my build so far. I’ve heard Ultimate is pretty challenging so I thought I’d post up my build/stats/gear to see if anyone can offer any pointers on what I can do to optimize the character going forward.

Elite was pretty much a breeze once I sorted out my defensive abilities (Giant’s Blood, Wayward soul, ADctH, Blast Shield, HP & resistances). I’ve started Ultimate and am early Act 1, no problems so far.


Weapon: Enchanter’s Imperial Carbine of Alacrity w/Blessed Steel & Potent Outcast’s Inferno

Head: Shadowspark Hood w/Leathery Hide and Demonbane Powder
Chest: Elite Outcast Burning Cuirass w/Chains of Oleron & Demonbane Powder
Shoulder: Resistant Ascended Epaulets of Vitality w/Mutated Scales & Outcast’s Warding Powder
Gauntlets: Empowered Zealot’s Gauntlets w/ Restless Remains & Outcast’s Warding Powder

Leg: Empowered Mistwalker Leggings w/ Mutated Scales and Demonbane Powder
Boots: Footpads of the Grey Magi w/ Mark of Mogdrogen and Venomguard Powder
Belt: Impenetrable Chosen Girdle w/Antivenom Salve & Demonbane Powder

Amulet: Vampiric Necklace of Clout w/Vicious Jawbone & Kymon’s Will Augment
Ring 1: Tempest Obsidian Band of Alacrity w/Mark of Illusions & Conjurer’s Powder
Ring 2: Gollus’s Aggressive Ring of Alacrity w/ SAME AS RING 1
Medal: Impervious Bloodsworn Sigil of Readiness w/ Dread Skull

Talisman: Marauder’s Talisman

Stats and Tree in screenshots below:

Sailor’s Guide
Chariot of the Dead
Magi Fissure bound to Fire Strike
Behemoth (3 points)
Empty Throne
Rhowan’s Crown Elemental Storm bound Flashbang

Order Crossroads
Hydra (1 point)


I have 170% attack speed, over 50% crit damage (not sure how this works, is it multiplicative??), 135% run speed. I have +1 to all Demolitionist Skills from helmet and several + specific skills on other gear (boots, leg armour, shoulder etc).

As you can see I have mostly green items. To be honest, the vast majority of blues/purples I have found are total garbage. Attack speed (which I’ve tried to stack) AdCTH, useful + skills are all rare. I’m not sure why this is exactly. I feel as though items generally had more useful stats in TQ. My amulet is a yellow as the 6% AdctH, OA and 5% total speed are useful. I was trying to farm for this stats on one of the special rares from that Merchant in Blood Grove, but no success so far (I think his roll with default %health).

I wish I had more + skills (Stonbinders or +2 all skills amulet in TQ come to mind) so I’m not sure what I should be looking out for here. I’d probably take Arcanist to 32 if I had +skills to free up some points. As it is, I’ll probably finish leveling Maiven’s and the Iksandra tree in my last levels.

Overall I’d say I’ve struck a reasonable balance between defense/offense, in terms of gear, skills, devotions. But probably 40/60 in favour of offensive capability. My sheet DPS is 24k but is probably at least another 10K with procs - I also don’t know if or how Static Strike or Overload “chance for” skills add to DPS. Ive mainly stuck to “elemental” sources of damage rather than just fire, so I have good fire+lightning damage and respectable cold. Decent burn too.

I’m not sure how to finish up Devotions. I’ve put a point in to Order crossroads to pick up either Dryad, Turtle or Lion. I feel as though I need to finish off with a defensive choice. But I also plan to place 3 points into Hydra as the flat elemental damage and %all damage should boost DPS by a few thousand.

Any input is welcome. For example I have a bunch of Ancient Hearts and know you can forge Legendaries in Tyrant’s Hold. Are there any in particular I should be on the lookout for?

Thank you

I’m no expert but doesn’t brimstone only work with ranged weapons?

Your hero looks ultimate ready to me. The bleeding res can get you destroyed quickly and DA is a little bit on the low side.

Lion is only good for getting affinity. The first node is decent if you are low on health. The ability of Turtle is not that helpful in ultimate, 3000 or so can disappear so quickly. But the constellation gives you 50 DA so it is not a total disaster. You can try it out.

Overload is not doing much for you, use those points for something else.

The fragments work with ranged only, but you do get the fire and chaos damage with melee.

Thanks for the input. I’ll probably pick up Dryad then, for the heal on attack skill? (I’d have to bind it to my weapon attack Sacred Strike though…)

Either that or Solemn Watcher for the DA and resists. I’ve maxed out cold and pierce but they’re reliant on one or two pieces of gear. Might be useful if I need to swap gear for better stats and abilities.

The rest of my points are going in physique so should get DA up a bit. Shouldn’t be shy of 1900 when wayward soul proc.

I found Handguards of Justice which brings my HP over 9000 and adds another 500dps approx (flat fire dmg) but then I lose 20% chaos res. And that’s the prob, everytime I find one piece of gear which improves stats, I risk losing resists.

Bleed res has been quite elusive so far but there is a component (silk swatch I think) which I’ll have to use if it starts becoming a problem!

UPDATE: I’m gonna farm some Putrid Necklaces in Foggy Bank. It has default health and P&A res stats, if I can find a nice Vampiric one I can free up some other slots to boost other stats (e.g. Bleed res, DA) without dropping back below 9k HPs. :slight_smile: