Early access, but there’s a free demo and the movement, attacks, dodging and so on feel pretty darn good. The dialogue isn’t cringeworthy either, which seems rare these days. All cutscenes can be skipped anyway.

Hope it lives up to its potential.

0.9 released.


I’ve been thinking of buying for some time, but I’m not sure that it’s worth what they’re asking. What about the game is it that you like? Sell me on it.


Why am I obligated too. Oooooh right. I’m not. You’re loss.

There’s a free demo. It can sell itself.

Been playing this on and off since my (awesome) buddy gave it to me as a Christmas gift, and like crazy lately since the 0.9 update. CrossCode is so fucking good. The game engages you in various ways; I love that CrossCode makes you think beyond just puzzles, because you also need to use your brain if you want to go the extra mile for exploration or to gain the upper hand in combat. Tight controls, fun character progression, great music and artwork make the atmosphere awesome. The story isn’t finished yet but it’s enjoyable thus far. The content, according to the developers, is about 70-80% complete (iirc) so once you reach the end of the current story, you can play beyond that and just go on an adventure.

The only downside is that the dungeon puzzles can be a little over-the-top when it comes to relying on timing sometimes, but I think that’s better than having puzzles that are just tedious or aren’t stimulating at all.

It’s basically like a really good sci-fi Zelda on the PC.