Is anyone running Grim Dawn using multi-GPUs? I have two ASUS Strix R9 Fury DC3 GPUs, and whilst Grim Dawn works fine, I see no real improvement in performance. In other games, like Crysis 3 for instance, I literally double my FPS - which is important as I have 144Hz monitors.

In Grim Dawn I get between 40-120 which is a huge variance, I would settle for say, 80, if it is more constant.

The bottleneck is processor optimization, it heavily uses core 1 while other cores are barely touch 20%

I’m using Open Hardware Monitor to check the activity of my components and whilst I can see that CPU Core #1 is used the most, I haven’t seen it go over 50%, and all the other cores are used, but all less than 50%. I can see activity on both GPUs, just very little at the same time. It usually goes from GPU #1 to #2 and back again.

My second crossfire card seems to get no action in Grim Dawn, but I thought it did in the past. But maybe I am just wrong.

Anybody any idea how to force the topic?

If the game doesn’t need the second card then it doesn’t need the second card, forcing it won’t do any good. Never used xfire, but I am guessing if the load isn’t heavy enough it won’t use both cards and 1440p with everything cranked barely scratches the power of my r9 290. If your fps is capped could always try uncapping

This game really, really doesn’t need anything above 60fps. It’s not a shooter where you have to react fast.

I have a 3440x1440 monitor, gtx 970 SLI, 4770k @4.4ghz, 32gb Ram and a nice SSD, and GD will still bring my rig to a crawl with everything maxed out when I hit a huge mob. Nvidia’s stupid driver updates disable SLI every time you upgrade, and I forgot about it when I first started playing. My frame rates were terrible and I couldn’t figure out why until I remembered I had just updated my drivers. Once I got the second card back online, it made a huge difference. So, it definitely uses nvidia multi-card setups, but idk about AMD crossfire. If you’re having trouble with your frame rates, make sure to turn off AA, it absolutely wrecked my performance before I turned SLI back on.

Why would you need AA at that resolution anyway? Is your monitor 80"+ or something? And about resetting SLI, I don’t think Nvidia’s drivers reset anything unless you specifically ask for a clean install. Which I haven’t in years. Then again, I haven’t used SLI either, maybe it works differently.