Crucible 1-10 wave is Crate's Middle Finger to Fire spell levelers...

Title is very clear. Burning deads say hi. It just takes forever because burning deads have the most amount. No other type struggles that much in first.

You’re forgetting Cold Ones and Cold damage users.

Just slap on any other component spell like Acid Bomb though and use it on the enemies that resist your damage. Never had problems levelling with Fire/Cold doing this.

So you mean it suck for Demolitionist to level with Fire Strike? Then use Stun Jack not like there is no other option.
Top option is OFF + Searing Ember.
DEE / Devouring Swarm / Forcewave are all super solid option.
Never tried Stun Jack (BWC could be another option I guess) but still 5 class got it pretty easy already.

The only time I had this issue was when I tried to level up with BWC and Fireblast. But once I hit Demon Fire I was fine. Now I just know to keep a Lightning Nova on switch.

Wave 1-10 should be able to be beat with any decent secondary weapon with olerons might on it. get a shield that can blast lightning nova and switch.
It’s what I do with hard hitting cthons atm.
I have a legendary silver crossbow of multishot that has silvered bullets added to it totally crafted for cthons specifically.
I see them pop up, I hit W, proceed almost instantly to next wave.
I mainly use a battlemage reflector, but I haven’t lucked out on gear so I’m still squishy; so none of my skills or build is meant to toe to toe with those (especially their AOE DOT’s).
Crucible is a bit weird because it really punishes characters that aren’t a jack of all trade (at least in resists), just got to adapt.

level with your fists like a real man/woman in stages 1 to 10.

There is a new “emoji” to say that now

So the finger goes into the enemies’ buttholes?

And shouldn’t that weapon give us some taunt bonus through some proc?

I don’t see why not.

:DLol! Crate and their crazy equipment…