Crucible DLC: Any New Items?

I thought I read somewhere that there will be some new items with Crucible DLC. Has anyone found anything new yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Quote from Zantai:

“There will be new items in, and they will also drop in the Crucible.”

Where did you read that? There aren’t any. There will be new items in where they add the aetherial roguelite dungeon.

E/: Just saw your edit, so Iassume you got your answer.

Yeah, got mixed up and thought he said :o

next patch we get more balance changes (i believe) new roguelike dungeon, and new loot :slight_smile:

i’m assuming will be fairly soon. as it is now Crucible is an odd sort of content update. If you’re already 85 and have your loots and 50 devotions already there’s not really anything for you.

If you’re a lowbie you can’t really do it because you won’t get any faction at all, and getting devotions is much faster in campaign (xp is also, Crucible is not the place to XP).

So best i can figure it is for your toons who are ALREADY 50 devotion, and ALREADY have revered/nemesis for everything, but you don’t quite have all your loot yet- that’s the perfect toon to play Crucible. I took a level 75 in there, and after 10 waves of mobs I think he got 1 pixel of xp.

And where did you read that? No mention of here.

Crucible is fun to play, but it’s kind of frustrating from a loot perspective. I mean i have better luck and less effort with Nemesis spawns and trove runs

Actually you’re right, Zantai never directly mentions this being for It is heavily implied though, “on the hoirzon, just beyond the crucible” and later on “ will add new items”.

He did say it on the 10th page, on the 100th post.

Zantai never said the dungeon would be in

Zantai did slip that bit of info out here. But Zantai also told us that it isn’t set in stone and can change depending on how things go. So don’t give too much value to 06 having new loot + new dungeon. If it happens…cool. If not then it’ll come later.

in the other hand there’s nothing else planned on the future, so i don’t see what would be about in that case^^ but as you said wait and see, always the wisest attitude :slight_smile: