Crucible info?

From the GD website info:

Should you perish, you cannot continue further in the Crucible. In Multiplayer, you still have a chance if your allies survive. Should they manage to finish the wave that bested you, you will be resurrected (for Softcore characters only). Cheer your allies on and perhaps together you will triumph!

Does this mean if you die in crucible you cannot restart the game in crucible mode?

Also I’ll take this opportunity to ask when people like to play crucible? So far I’ve beaten normal with 1 character a year ago and now 1 character recently. And I have maybe like 7 other characters between 25 and 35.

I tend to be obsessive or what have you about exploring every nook and cranny of the map before advancing on. Anyone else like that? When do you play crucible in the leveling span (lifespan?) of a character?

you can restart the game in the crucible mode, regardless of when or if you died, or finished without dying. there are also checkpoints available depending on the wave you finished or died at.

in that info bit, it means that if you are for example 2 guys playing a multiplayer session, and guy “A” dies, he will get revived if:

  • a long time passes
  • guy “B” finishes the 10 waves(or just the current wave? I don’t remember)

and if guy “B” dies, you just start from wave 1 or the checkpoint back again.

so in multiplayer, you kind of have multiple lives. the game doesn’t end when one dies.

I’m also an explorer and a perfectionist, and I found the crucible very approachable even for low level characters. That said, you aren’t going to finish. You get the option to back out every 10 rounds so when the going gets a bit tough, you can opt out and take your reward instead of dying in the next 10 rounds.

My personal recommendation is to clear elite with a character, then go through aspirant crucible a few times to grind out some extra devotion points and gear before tackling ultimate.

I suggest to use crucible when start a new character. You can get level 13 and 5 devotion points, it’s a good start. Check this guide.

Thanks everyone!