Crucible: melee vs range

Hi all.

First off, I wanna say that my feedback is based on playing a melee Cadence Blademaster and a Sorcerer Callidor’s Tempest. I also got some feedback from another player (ReachfortheSky)

Here’s a image of my Ct build in HC Gladiator in the treasure room!

The last wave was 2x iron maiden and 1 Zantarin. I asure you it was a nice fight :stuck_out_tongue:
My blademaster have a harder time. Why? because you need to be in close range and kiting when there is 5 boss running after you it’s really hard, if not impossible.

What I think? Range and mage builds, and maybe tank shield builds have a easier time while melee builds (dualwhield and 2h builds) have a hard time if you get the bad combo of boss/Nemesis. It also depends of how many you get. Too many and kiting becomes impossible and if you can’t facetank then forget about it --> reset and retry… hopefully the combo gets better.
The last wave of the second difficulty (with my BM) I got Sentinel + Sharzhul and 3 other boss, all running after me.

It feels a bit like fishing for the perfect combo to make it doable, which make me think about Greater Rift in D3 and that’s not good thing :stuck_out_tongue:
In the other hand, again, it doesn’t feels like the problem is there to the same extent for range/mage builds.

Gladiator and tributes:
I started gladiator with 100 tributes. So before i start I decided to take the last 2 towers and upgrade them. Around wave 100-110 i started to use 1 blessing… then 2 around wave 120. At wave 140 i decided to take all the blessings. Once the last wave done, i was at 50 tribute, which means i cannot even do it all over again.

What does it mean? It means that I need to either play in the second difficulty or do some wave in gladiator to get my tribute to 100 before even thinking to go for a full 150 waves clear.

Is it intended to be this way? Or should the completion of the wave 150 bring you back to 100 tributes?

Attachment: 20160807152651_1.jpg

My AAR build also has a hard time here. During the campain it’s always possible to take a pause and recover mana/wait for energy potion going off the cooldown, but in crucible monsters just keep coming and I can’t just kite them because there’s a time limit. At lvl 55 my energy regen is about 180/sec, while the mana cost of the ray is about 900/sec. Even if I had end-game legendaries I may be managed to squeeze up to 300/sec energy regen, but I expect ray’s cost go up to 1200+ as well.

Edit: also, compared to dw blademasters and such that can move around AAR requres you to stand still, if you can’t kill an enemy fast enough he will wreck your face :\ It’s bad enough as a drawback in campaign, but twice as bad in a survival mode.

my AAR Scorcerer also has a difficult time surviving the cruciville. I mostly like the Cruciville of the dead, because there is no stuff standing around, so enemys cant hide behind some trees,ect. some stuff is very ugly, Boris the master of the pit runs extremly fast and is immune to all kind of CC. Valderaan is uggly, too he stunns and teleports much. My Blademaster is far more able to survive.

I just wanna say that I managed to do the second difficulty with my blademaster. I think I might be able to do Gladiator too.

One of the best map is Crucible od the Sands, even if they run after you since there is a lot of obstacles they will be spread apart a few second allowing you to hit them a LOT more easily. My first attemp was in the small map which is really bad for that build, i beleive.