Crucible worth it?

Debating purchasing the crucible dlc, but after reading patch and seeing that they lowered drop rates in crucible, i am a tad hesitant. How are the drops looking post patch? Is it still an efficient way to farm epics/legendaries? Or are BoC/nemesis runs still more efficient?

Thanks for the quick response!

Crucible is an excellent source of MI (especially its a best source of nemesis shoulders) and legendary items.
Also crucible is best way to leveling new character from 1 to ~30 lvl

Well i just took the plunge and bought it on GOG a few hours ago.

One question when i hit 50 and 100 waves on aspirant it said i could resume later or something like that. Well i decided to stop at 100 until i had more time later. I bought one of those blessings for 12 credits or whatever there called, will it still be active when i return?

Buffs and tower will be gone. You will also need to spend some of your tributes to restart on 50 or 100.

Crucible is about as rewarding as farming in Ultimate. Whichever you prefer, you do. Though if you are searching for a specific infrequent, some of them you’ll have better luck farming the monster and the secret vendor. Only with things that specifically drop from a very small area or one monster though, IE Sect pants or Pulsing Shards.

Definitely. Yes, it is very good. Also it is very good for faster level upping. You will obtain a lot of items. For me it is primary source of items/devotion points for new character.