Crucile-only characters?

It would be pretty sweet if there was a way to create a character that can only play in the Crucible and has immediate free access to all gear in the game, 223 skill points, 90 attribute points, and 50 devotion points.
This would make it much easier and faster to test builds to see how fun and effective they are, so that you can decide whether you want to play those builds in the campaign.
The chest rewards for such a character should have no gear, but rather some new consumable items that can be given to campaign characters, maybe like a potion that increases heroic enemy spawns, or a scroll that converts a low-level epic item to its empowered version, or a tonic that allows you to re-spec a single attribute point, or a scroll that randomizes/re-rolls the stat rolls of a piece of gear.
This idea was inspired by a game called Monster’s Den which has a survival mode that gives you some starter cash that lets you buy some maxed gear from a random finite set of gear which you then use for the entire survival run.

It would stop making sense as a paid expansion then.

How come? I don’t think so. I’m not advocating for the removal of the standard Crucible mechanics that we have now, I’m only suggesting a way to facilitate the creation of experimental characters that aid a veteran player in choosing a build that suits him.

You could just use this, and only use that toon on crucible. :wink:

Or GD Defiler. If the purpose is just to create experimental characters, just use one of the many tools to create one.

Well yea of course, I’m only saying that having such a feature built into the game would be nice since people would’t need to resort to third-party cheating tools just to test some build.

Because the whole point of Crucible DLC is taking top vanilla builds and fine-tuning them into perfection. It’s the ultimate build/gear test with the best possible rewards, but guess what, you have to work for it.

So from the standpoint of the player it looks like this:

  1. you complete the game, find best gear you could find and then test your character in Crucible.
  2. you fail, you get back to the drawing board, maybe try lower crucible dificulty and learn some mechanics, grind out some gear
  3. you finally beat Gladiator, now you can farm it for gear
  4. you farm it for gear, your next character with end-game build is now easier to make

What you are suggesting is making a test sandbox to try every gear/build option possible at once and see if it works. So if it works, then what? What’s the point of playing after it? Definitely wouldn’t be worth DLC money for me.

A fair point, but let’s say for example that I want to see how effective a melee shield build is. I would have to create a new character and develop that build from scratch, and get far into the campaign, possibly into Elite or Ultimate, just to get a sense of how effective it is. If I decide that it’s inferior, I lose all interest in it and drop that character entirely.
Now if I had a way to test a completed shield build, I could very quickly decide whether I want to develop it from scratch in the campaign and put a lot of effort into it, without having to worry that it will end up as a weak inferior build.

so its ok to cheat inside the game, but not outside. you want it to be inside the game so you can tell yourself… “its what the devs intended” :rolleyes:

I’m not trying to soothe a guilty conscience here :). Take Guild Wars as an example. It has a pvp mode in which you can create a character that’s instantly maximum level and can craft any piece of gear at no cost. It’s incredibly convenient since it saves you from having to build a campaign character from scratch just to try some build in pvp battles. I’m only asking for the same level of convenience here.

except that you are not using it for pvp…

Yea so? .

so it invalidates the argument you made as the whole rationale for why Guild Wars allowed it (pvp only) is counter to what you want to do

it would just ruin the game. the pleasure comes by trying a new build, perfectioning it. the excitation comes by finding awesome gear while challenging the end game content.

the feature you suggest will end the two reasons i love playing GD :smiley:

i’m not complaining because i don’t play Crucible and there’s zero chance the dev implement it anyway but it was for the sake of discussion. as others mentioned, there’s already tools which allow that in any case :wink:

That’s why I love the forums. Been speaking English my whole life, college reading level and comprehension by the 3rd/4th grades, and even I can still learn a new word :wink::blush:

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of perfectioning before (apparently usually used in more technical documents) but Google says it’s good. Go figure.

The comments here
Discussing it are kinda humourous.

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eh eh funny :smiley:

it’s a common word in French as you’ve probably guessed, i didn’t know it was rarely used in English :eek:

And to be honest when we don’t know a word in English we just take the French word and add “ing” :smiley:

True enough :smiley:

Seems that way… I’ve read a lot of crap in my time and as far as I can recall that’s the first time I have ever seen it used that way. Normally it would be just “perfecting”. Of course it could just be very rare inside the US.

Oh well, at least now I know it exists lol

Making a build and seeing how it works it’s pretty much the entire point of the game.

It’s also never a waste of time if ends up not working. Because now you have an idea on what works and what doesn’t.