Crucile-only characters?

No thanks, not everyone would make use of it and those who do can use a mod or external tool. I don’t think it’s worth the developer’s time incorporating it into the game when those who want it can already do it.

Besides, you’d likely have to wait for it to be developed, tested for bugs, etc. anyway before using the feature when you can literally just download an external tool and do any of your tests in less than a couple of hours. One is faster and less work for some people than the other.

It being for pvp is irrelevant.

Not really. A pvp char is usually a very different build from a pve one, so you would have to create a pve char, level it up and then drastically respec it for pvp if you did not have the option to create one for pvp.

This is not at all the case with your proposal as the char you level and the char you want to create at max level are both for pve and identical build wise.

Some of you raised an excellent point that finding gear and developing builds from scratch or from what your other characters earned is the point of the game. I totally agree.
It’s just that I was coming from the perspective of a veteran player who has already played through all campaign difficulties with several characters, and who wants a quicker way (without re-playing the campaign) to experiment with builds with the end-goal of reliably beating Gladiator without banners and blessings.

To those who say that third-party tools can do the job therefore it shouldn’t be a feature of the game, well re-speccing attribute points is important for build optimization and experimentation, but they can’t be re-specced unless one uses those tools. Does that really mean that the game shouldn’t allow you to re-spec attribute points?

The devs have confirmed that respeccing attribute points will be a thing in the expansion.

Sweet. Now I’m wondering about mastery points :slight_smile:

that too is confirmed to be respecable in the expansion

aww baby.

All except the very “last” point in a given mastery, for clarity.

That’s perfectly fair, to prevent switching entire masteries whenever you want, which would ruin the point of creating multiple characters. I’m sure no one will have problems with the last (first?) mastery point.