Cunning, cunning... I need more cunning! Advice needed for a ranged Commando

Hi guys,

Enjoying my 2H ranged Commando put currently struggling to meet the requirements for most new rifles I come across.

This is however as I’m yet to invest a single attribute point. Yes it attribute anxiety which other people have mentioned having!

Most advice ponits to dumping all into physique, however I can’t help but feel I really would benefit from putting some in cunning right now so I can use the rifles I come across. Saying that my kill speed is still pretty high currently + I’m only lvl 15 still.

Does cunning come easy anyway in the early game?

Boy I wish a patch would come out to make attribute points re-fundable!

Thanks for feedback/ advice.

I think you can get like around 20 cunning on a piece of armor early on.

You just need to invest enough points to equip all the range weapons which is 499, but Hawk Devotion can reduce the requirement to around 450. Your mastery should give you majority of your cunning, though I’d say at least 5 points into cunning should help you early on.

Some Devotions you can go for cunning:
Fox, Vulture, Chariot of the Dead, Rat, and

Just keep advancing your mastery bar/s. I usually point into each attribute in turn as I level. Attribute anxiety for the most part is exaggerated and overblown by some people in my opinion and usually is a result of them dumping all their points into 1 stat.

Frankly you should definitely be maxing your main mastery and most if not all of your 2nd. This combined with gear and Devotion bonuses should see you thru just fine.

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You don’t need as much OA as you think you do. Flashbang maxed provides 200~ DA reduction on AOE, and there’s also Markovian’s Advantage which reduces OA.

That being said, with appropriate levels of gear and devotion/skill investment, you can easily break 2.4-2.8k OA and after that procs and everything else kick in and make you an insane killing machine. You have to kite sometimes though as Flashbang isn’t great for CC or damage reduction.

I have been checking a bit around and I did not saw people recommending to put all into physique for 2H ranged character. What’s the benefit of it?

Besides rhe health and defensive ability, you need a lot of physique for armor which can get up to around 980.

Yeah, and keep in mind even if you only end up using 1-2 pieces of heavy armor those pieces can REALLY help make your defenses. Especially sense physical resistance is almost unheard of outside of heavy armor. This is why so many builds end up really stacking the physique.

Hawk is a fairly simple devotion to spec into early on and the last point in the constellation reduces ranged weapon requirements by 15%. Early on that should help cover you. Items that reduce requirements seem fairly common the further into the game you go, and you’ll start finding items and other devotions to add cunning you might need, so you can respec out of Hawk when it becomes convenient (though Hawk is a simple little devotion to use as a stepping stone so no issue with keeping it per se). By the time you’re getting into act two, you’ll be glad you put some points into Physique early on as that health will really help keep you alive.

Thanks for all the feedback so far I’ve got a Hawk the Denomination and this has helped greatly! Thanks :slight_smile: