Custom Campaign Characters in Crucible

How to play custom characters in crucible? I need that devotion points, ty

You need to make your own mod, or play Grucible, which is an incomplete, experimental mod for Grimarillion.

There are multiple issues, first of all, Crucible is both run as a mod and has main game support baked into the engine. I have not yet figured out how to completely recreate the UI properly in Grucible. But the first problem is that you need to have the same modded masteries in Crucible and the customgame, so you need a modded version of Crucible if you play a toon with modded masteries.

Second, I was unable to get Grucible to run as a customgame, so I overwrote the customgame folder survivalmode with the mod built with AM. So, you have to switch out the contents of that specific folder everytime you run a toon from a different mod set.

Last, the toon has to be made in the modded Crucible and the symlink then from main to user folders in save data. A symlink from the user folder to the main folder is unable to load into the modded Crucible for some reason.

I see… Thanks for answers.

So ASYLUM101, aside from Grimarilion will you do sth for your grim quest’s characters crucible. Probably not, rite =) ?

Hi Asylum101
If you allow, I’ll see if I can make viable Crucible GQ version