Daega's Oath

It seems weird to me that the set gives a total of 100% Fire converted to Acid and a total of +8 to Path of the Three, strongly suggesting the player to use that skill. Path of the Three (12/12) gives another 40% Fire converted to Acid that is entirely worthless. I know that there are other perks of that skill, but it just seems awkward that the set promotes a build where part of the 3p set bonus obsolete. If you overcap Path of the Three to 20/12, which you’ll likely want to do anyways for the %CDR, the 50% conversion on the 3p set bonus will not any impact on your build whatsoever.

Replacing the conversion on the 3p bonus with resistances, DA, or + x to Reprisal (or any other relevant skill; Resilience/Ascension/Rebuke/Blood of Dreeg/literally anything) would result in a more enticing (and less confusing) 3p bonus.

Did the combination of 100% conversion and +8 Path of the Three trigger anyone else’s autistic side? :slight_smile:

What about people who want to use Possession as a sentinel? It may not have +skill from the set but % damage absorb may be more attractive to some people. For the sake of supporting alternative choice it support diversity and so it is good.

I don’t know the math on cdr value for survival but if you take max path of the three you kinda want ascension, resilience and other devotion skill ghoul (or possibly behemoth after the buff it will get) in order for it to result in defensive value similar or better than possession. That kind of skill point investment, as well as wanting DEE might end up being costly.

More or less this. The set might have bonuses for Occultist+Oathkeeper but it doesn’t mean you can’t use it on other class combinations like Occultist+Demolitionist. Those combos would appreciate the 100% conversion.

Yeah. Demo would be interesting. Acid bwc; if the flames turned green I would make one just for that :wink:

Is gonna worked this set with dervish?:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a fair point that I generally agree with, but in this case I just don’t see that build happening; there’s (as far as I know) no gear supporting acid BWC. Most epic sets are very narrow in scope (support a distinct build), which I feel is also true with Daega’s Oath: DEE + retaliation Sentinel. I guess my issue depends on whether the 3p 50% conversion is there instead of something else, or if it’s just a freebie for people who want to make a gimmicky build.

It’s by no means a big issue, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it staying the way it is, but it just looks awkward to me that a set that so strongly proposes the use of a skill (+8 is big) also has a 3p bonus that is wasted due to said skill bonus. It just looks plain weird. :stuck_out_tongue: