Damage conversion not shown correctly in tooltip

Hi, I’m wearing Mythical Dread-Mask of Gurgoth.

So, mortar damage is shown as fully lightning in the Mortar Trap tooltip.

When I equip additionally Mythical Mark of Calamitous Desires, Physical Damage of the mortars should be split to 50% fire and 50% lightning. That is exactly the damage applied according to grim internals (see pic on the left, only mortar trap attacking dummy in background). But the Mortar Trap tooltip shows (50%) physical damage, which is in fact fire damage.

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Well it can’t display it as a split because two strings are needed for that, so it displays “physical damage” instead.

It’s the same deal for any other skill that can have multiple conversion modifiers, like Righteous Fervor can have 5 of them (physical -> fire, cold, acid, chaos, vitality) at the same time.

If it displayed every damage type it would something ridiculous like this:
24 fire damage
24 cold damage
24 acid damage
24 chaos damage
24 vitality damage
50 poison damage over 3 seconds
50 vitality decay damage over 3 seconds

Additional strings for those extra damage types won’t appear out of thin air.

Thanks for your reply. I see your point. Although in the case at hand, you would not need another line in the tooltips, but rather replace physical damage with fire damage entirely, since no physical damage remains.

But I see a pattern in replies to my bug reports. It’s usually something like “it’s not a bug, it’s generally accepted strange behaviour”. :sweat_smile:

Just how stuff is implemented, I guess ::shrugs::

Uh, what…no, this is a display bug.

We’ll take a look.


So it’s supposed to show damage split? My bad then. I was pretty convinced it was an intended behavior when I equipped M. Soulblade and M. Voidrend Talons for fun and saw RF’s tooltip saying “physical damage”, meaning it can’t display two or more damage types in place of only one… Looking forward for this fix then!

So after further investigation, not a bug.

I forgot about the skill tooltip mechanics for conversion. The way we display damage on skill tooltips is to only change the displayed damage types when conversion is at 100%. If the conversion is partial, in this case it averages 100% + 100% to be a 50/50 split, the tooltip conversion is not shown.

If you did this to a skill that has a damage breakdown in the character sheet, you would see the true values there. Mortar Trap is a separate entity though, so that would not be the case.

That said, everything works in practice, just the way conversion on skill tooltips is handled doesn’t show the full breakdown. So XandeRoot was correct in a way.

Well, then that is how it is supposed to work. Thank you for investigating.