Damage conversion on the Arcanum Frigus

I noticed that the Arcanum Frigus has a universal 45% aether-to-cold conversion as well as a 100% aether-to-cold modifier for Devastation.

My impression was that the Frigus was meant to be used in conjunction with Star Pact, which would make the Devastation modifier close to redundant and leave the fire component untouched. Is this deliberate? Presumably the intention is to force the use of a Conduit for full cold Devastation, taking up the amulet slot to break Harra’s set (as in full Harras + Frigus vs Harras + Frigus + Conduit).

Playing around on GrimTools, the Frigus modifier for Devastations feels a bit like a missed opportunity, although I appreciate that full cold conversion might have already been considered or tested and found to be too strong.

To me the whole pistol looks like kind of a meh option with Harra’s set. There is not enough skill points to have PB/CT and Devastation with absolutely vital Circle of Slaughter (otherwise Spellbreaker is getting torn apart in melee range).

I think good Mythical Crescent Axe is superior in every aspect and having steroided PB spam with cold CT nuke is going to be more than enough damage. Maybe leave this pistol for some kind of Wind Devil + Cold Devastation Druid build or smth.
Here is the concept I made for new Harra’s Spellbreaker.

I mean, this pistol is actually weird and has a pointless conversion in it. You’ll end up converting MOST of aether damage to cold anyway, so I’d rather see it as fire >> cold to Devastation, and maybe changing the Conduit conversion to fire >> chaos.

It actually grants only +10% crit damage to Devastation.

I actually chose not to use that weapon and went in a different direction specifically because I couldn’t get Fire–>Cold to Devastation. I already have enough Aether–>Cold. :undecided:

I find it usefull for cold PB build that uses LA, as you can charge it from range.
Here is a WIP build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dvBz0Z

Edit: But, yes the devastation mod is somewhat pointless.