Dark One's Set Drop chance %?

According to Grimtools these items have a 9.8% chance to drop or have I misunderstood how its calculated?

The reason I ask, is that if these percentages are correct my ‘luck’ must be very poor as after 8 runs I have yet to see a drop. That is 8 runs x 4 kills x 9.8% which on average means I should have seen 3 drops.

I am struggling to move on from Level 100 and gear up and it is frustrating to see guides that suggest get the dark one set etc etc.

Thanks for any useful advice.

That’s not how probability works. You are never guaranteed a drop unless the total % drop rate is 100%.

Keep doing runs and you should hopefully start to see pieces soon.

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You just have to keep trying. I recently undertook the personal quest to obtain the Dark One’s set. I didn’t count the number of runs, but it was a lot. Most runs resulted in nothing purple. Some runs resulted in one purple, but not a piece of the Dark One set (which was both exciting and disappointing all at the same time).

The most frustrating part about obtaining this set isn’t getting a Dark One piece to drop (because they do eventually drop); it is getting the last specific Dark One piece you need to complete the set to drop. I had like three full suits of Dark One pieces EXCEPT the gloves. I gave up and gave myself a rest for a couple days. Meanwhile I found out that trying to get the Krieg set is an even bigger PITA. Eventually I went back at it, and the gloves finally dropped for me. Yay! I’ve gone back again a time or two, and even managed to score a second set of gloves. Bonus, go me.

Pros: you will eventually get the set, and you will be able to navigate the path in your sleep … or drunk … whichever, your preference.
Cons: those stupid rock like things that constantly attack but you cannot attack back.