Dawn of Masteries

Version 0.9.2 released

Adds new wings
Cataclysm augments now drop from rare lockers
NCFF armor values have been adjusted to the new GD standard values (that is an increase in armor for caster and light armor, no change for heavy armor)


Thank you for your hard work Mamba.I know we don’t show our appreciation very much and we complain a lot but we do love this mod.I got my brothers hooked on it aswell.They just play without grimist but double density.

PS:The new Augments in Lockers are a welcome edition specially cause i play voidcaller + merc as a pure summoner(Merc hireling has the best buff in my opinion)I got some aug that fits my build

Thanks for another great compilation mod. It’s very interesting to enjoy Cataclysm and NCFF with the latest GD content.

  • Are you planning to update the Grim Quest included in the recently updated Grimarillion (v74a)?
  • Are you considering adopting JMD’s Grim UI?
  1. yes, eventually, right now I wait to see if any hotfixes are coming

  2. I was thinking about it, but unless you can swap out the different skins via the settings folder, there is no point in my opinion - and that does not fully work, as the files in the mod take precendence.
    So the expanded Smuggler will always use the textures included in the mod, regardless of what is in the settings folder.
    If this ever changes, I will switch to Grim UI to give you the option to choose the UI

Thanks for the reply. I’m looking forward to the revision and preparing to color the DoM’s text.

I understand. I would use the JMD’s UI partially in the settings folder.

This or Grimarillion… Argggg :smiley:

  • Also, Matougi, any chance of a Rainbow file for this mod too?? Thanks

Dawn of Masteries Rainbow File

This is an item color coding file for Dawn of Masteries colored based on WareBare’s Rainbow Filter mod.

Screen Shot

7/18/2022: updated for DoM v1.3.0a
DoM_130a_color_01.zip (1.7 MB)

  • Don’t forget to delete old file.
  • If a unique item is prefixed, the item name will be dominated by the color of the prefix. Due to the specifications of the color code, this phenomenon cannot be avoided.
  • Since there are so many items in DoM, there are probably quite a few coding errors (especially in D2, D3, and TQ). It is impossible for me to go through all of them personally, so if you find such a color mistake, please report it to me via PM. I’ll update it at random times, when it’s more or less complete.
  • The translator should use WinMerge to compare the texts and check the differences.


7/14/2022: updated for DoM v1.3.0
4/9/2022: updated for DoM v1.2.9
3/28/2022: fix-2 (DoM v1.2.8)
2/3/2022: fix-2 (DoM v1.2.7)
12/22/2021: updated (DoM v1.2.6a)
12/3/2021: fixed and updated (DoM v1.2.6a)
11/27/2021: fixed and updated (DoM v1.2.5)
11/03/2021: fixed and updated (DoM v1.2.4a)
10/31/2021: updated for DoM v1.2.4a
10/24/2021: updated for DoM v1.2.4
10/21/2021: updated for DoM v1.2.3
10/03/2021: updated for DoM v1.2.2e
9/11/2021: updated for DoM v1.2.2b
9/11/2021: updated for DoM v1.2.2a
8/23/2021: updated for DoM v1.2.1
8/7/2021: updated for DoM v1.2.0
7/24/2021: updated for LightWeight mod
6/29/2021: updated for DoM v1.1.0
6/15/2021: updated for DoM v1.0.9
6/6/2021: updated for DoM v1.0.8
4/28/2021: updated for DoM v1.0.7
3/11/2021: updated for DoM v1.0.6
1/28/2021: updated for DoM v1.0.5
1/7/2021: updated for DoM v1.0.5
12/26/2020: updated for DoM v1.0.5
10/25/2020: updated for DoM v1.0.4
10/19/2020: updated for DoM v1.0.3 (1.0.3a compatible)
10/17/2020: updated for GD hotfix1
10/06/2020: updated for DoM v1.0.2a
10/02/2020: updated for GD v1.1.8.0 + DoM v1.0.0c
9/27/2020: updated for GD v1.1.8.0 + DoM v1.0.0c
9/22/2020: updated for GD v1.1.8.0 + DoM v1.0.0b
8/16/2020: updated for GD v1.1.7.2 + DoM v1.0.0b
8/10/2020: updated for GD v1.1.7.2 + DoM v1.0.0b
7/22/2020: updated for GD v1.1.7.2 + DoM v1.0.0a
6/13/2020: updated for GD v1.1.7.1 + DoM v1.0.0a
6/11/2020: updated for GD v1.1.7.0 + DoM v1.0.0a
6/6/2020: updated for GD v1.1.7.0 + DoM 0.9.9a
5/3/2020: updated for DoM 0.9.9a
4/4/2020: updated for DoM 0.9.8
3/19/2020: updated for DoM 0.9.7
2/28/2020: updated for DoM 0.9.6a
1/30/2020: some fixed
1/28/2020: updated for Dom 0.9.6
1/24/2020: updated for DoM 0.9.3 (0.9.5 compatible)
1/19/2020: update for v093
1/17/2020: Frist release for v092
Note: unlike Grimarillion, this mod didn’t use the original text as it was, so I struggled with color coding. Some mistakes may remain.

How to use:

  • Do not unzip this file, just put it in the Steam/steamapps/common/Grim Dawn/localization folder (if there is no localization folder, make it).
  • Select “English (Colorful DoM)” in the optional language selection.
  • To stop the colorization and restore it, delete this file copied to the localization folder.

I am not sure what this means, can you elaborate ?

I took the texts unchanged from the mods. The only change is that I added a prefix to the tag to ensure uniqueness across the mods.

thanks, I did not get this tool to work (but did not spend a lot of time looking into it, it just felt less obvious than it could be - I basically expected that all I need to do is select a color scheme and press a ‘generate’ button, but when I did that (or the closest thing to it), it said ‘generating’ and just sat there…)

Why does it have to be a choice? Play both. I certainly will. :grinning:

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Literally, it means the text that each mod has.

As an example, I translate D3 mod and make the rainbow file.
Grimarillion uses the text files included in D3 mod without changing the content or name, so when translating Grimarillion and creating rainbow files, I can use the translations and rainbow file that I created for D3mod.

In DoM, since each mod is grouped and converted to a consolidated text (some IDs have changed), it is not possible to simply use a translation file or rainbow file for D3 mod. Therefore, when translating or color-coding the DOM, I have to compare the D3 mod text with the DoM “tags_d3_xx” text and manually match them line by line, which is very time-consuming.

D3 mod = Grimarillion

  • ClassBararianTags.txt
  • ClassCrusaderTags.txt
  • ClassDemonHunterTags.txt…
    All text files have the same name and the same contents.


  • tags_d3_bpunique.txt
  • tags_d3_items.txt
  • tags_d3_skills.txt
    In DoM, texts are integrated with items and skills.

This is a text file, not a tool. If you put it into the “Grim Dawn\localization” folder and start GD, the choices shown above will appear in the language selection box, so you can switch between normal text and rainbow text in the main menu whenever you want.

oh the files themselves, yes, I did combine the tags differently

I am surprised you have to care about the files and tags, not sure why that is not something the tool figures out automatically…

To me ‘all’ the tool has to do is look at each item and affix dbr, figure out the rarity, figure out the tag for the name, find the tag for the name and add a color at the beginning of the text. All of which requires no user input other than which mod to process (or vanilla itself) and which color to use for which rarity.
Not sure why it seems to be so much more complicated than that.

I was not referring to your zip but to the tool that created the files in that zip

Ohhhhh the fangshi class was cool af

I’ll dl this mod tonight :slight_smile:

pls put shattered affixes on it, I give u kiss on the cheek

What is the “tool” you are talking about?

The WareBare’s Rainbow Tool I use only supports Crate vanilla, not mods such as third party masteries or items. As a result, those mod-specific items have to be worked on manually.

Really ? even worse than I thought… yes, that was the tool I was thinking of, did not know it cannot handle mods.

I really like this mod, but would like to make a few changes in the item data. I believe the source files are needed to be able to edit the mod, since it´s not visible in the asset manager atm. Are the sources published somewhere? Would you be willing to share them?

I am not providing sources because this is mostly a compilation of other mods.

For the sources go to these other mods, some come with them, for other parts there are not even any sources, just the compiled results. For yet other parts I did not bother including the sources in my mod’s sources and just add the compiled textures, meshes and animations of the original mod in the end (I have to do that for the parts that have no actual soruces anyway and it is less work than adding the sources to my mod).

That being said, if your changes are for dbr entries, all you need to do is extract the .arz to get them, make your changes and create a new .arz.So for this you do not really need any ‘other’ sources. I assume that if you can compile an .arz, you also know how to extract it. If not, let me know.

Thank you for the reply, I did manage to extract the .arz file and make the desired changes, but cant compile it back again. I used the grimarz program since archivetool crashes. Do you know of other ways to compile the .arz file?

I compile the arz with AssetManager. You will need to set it up first though.

Thanks for the help, now the newly compiled mod is malfunctioning completely (when starting game teh dude just runs out from the map and the screen locks in place). Also running out of free time to study modding now, maybe getting back at some point or just going to play your mod which is already fun in itself. Kinda wish there was a way to just run more than one mod simultaneously like in most games.

Huh, that is weird. No idea how you managed that… You obviously need everything else from my mod and replace its .arz with what you created. Your .arz has to contain all the dbrs from mine, not just the ones you changed. Also, the .arz has to have the same name as the dir the mod is in (i.e. the dir in the mods dir you created for it). Can’t think of anything else, but none of this should cause what you describe…