Dawnshard Hauberk - Conversion

Since FG, I’ve tried some elemental retaliation builds, some of them made it to SR-75. With patch and retaliation changes, I want to understand something that has been bothering me since FG: the fire to lightning conversion on Dawnshard Hauberk.


The Dawnshard “Set” will have even more fire retaliation and %retaliation in There’s no other useful option for elemental retaliation on this slot. I’ve rejected this chest lots of times because (1) it had no %retaliation; this is no longer the case and (2) this conversion.

This conversion indeed decreases your damage on every “%retaliation damage added to attack” (%rdata) skill you may want to use: BWC, AoM, Grenado, Flame Breath, Righteous Fervor, Canister Bomb, Smite. It also makes devotion paths weird, reducing the RR effect and damage of Eldritch Fire. Celestial Presence and Aura of Censure lose some of their impact too.

If you look at the skill points:
EoR: the conversion makes sense;
Primal Strike: why not but Primal Strike builds won’t never use this chest with Ultos available;
Temper: Physical/Fire and Retaliation;
RoK: it’s already difficult to get good conversions on RoK (phys/pierce/fire), you don’t want another one polluting the process.

So, why this conversion ?

  • For Lightning EoR builds ?
  • For Dawnshield/Dawnseeker Warder ?

It seems to me that this conversion is only limiting options rather than opening new ones. It always felt like that annoying little stone in your shoe … Any thoughts ?