Deadly occupations

Abandoned my latest game due to the number of people dying. Most of the occupations and professions had two or three people dying over the course of the game but there are some serious standouts.
Land: Alpine Valleys
Turns: 80
Tier 3
Current population: 182
Declared immigrants: 275
Dead: Farmers 67
Foragers 38
Hunters 6
Raiders 341 attacking, 290 killed, 2 villagers killed
Almost every death was due to old age, which required a replacement from the labour pool, which sometimes annihilated that pool, leading to a lack of building repairs (19 Large Houses abandoned after the Theatre was abandoned!)
If infants and children under 12 aren’t part of the labour pool perhaps you could introduce a retirement level, infants, children and retirees all using half rations.

Next game I’ll keep a list of what people died of, 80 turns and only 1 combat death.

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