Death aura skills besides Night's Chill?

Whether through components, items, set bonus whatever. I love how Night’s Chill works in Veteran, dropping anything that comes close. Are there others that can be combined with it to make this playstyle viable in Ultimate?

Aura of Censure has an AE aura, as well as a resistance debuff, not unlike Night’s Chill. There is a whole system of retaliation damage as well.

Whirling Blades and that Ignaffar chest armor that has a flaming aura.

This playstyle will obviously nowhere near viable on ultimate, even on trash mobs, the damage just falls back and it is rather a debuff skill to reduce resistances, which helps a lot. The Necromancer’s Spectral wrath is similar, and there are some other similar skills. For example Soldier’s Counterstrike and the Demolitionist skill Vindictive Flame. And of course some item skills, but I can’t remember. If you want a somewhat lazy but viable build, the try some retaliation/reflect build.

Yea I know it’s useless for damage on Ultimate. I was wondering if there’s a way to combine skills and make it worthwhile.

Retaliation/reflect isn’t quite the same.

Mageslayer set has a 400 Frostburn/2s to Veil of Shadow for the 4 set bonus, that’s the biggest one you’re gonna get.

400 alone won’t be enough as a main damage source though, so you need to complement it with at least another skill.

It will be pretty hard now, but it used to be viable:

One could still try to theorycraft though :slight_smile:

That build looks great but doesn’t work anymore.

I’m not really looking for a “lazy” build, more something like DOT. I like kiting/running around avoiding damage. Not really into the Dreeg skills though.

MAgeslayer night’s chill +myth mark of dark dreams is insane.

Then Censure + Empyrion helm


Spear of the heavens. Has Dot too now

I suggest you read the previous thread on this subject :slight_smile:

This’d be Nightblade + Inquisitor? Is there a rough build guide somewhere? I’ve never used Inquisitor past level 5.

Oh hey thanks. Not sure how well-tested those are though.

Yes, you want to go Infiltrator (Nightblade + Inquisitor) for a passive damage aura build, because those are the only two classes that have a skill that do passive damage (Nightblade has Night’s Chill, Inquisitor has Aura of Censure).

The thread has a list of passive damage aura’s and some banter on useful items for this kind of build, it’s not a complete guide or build.