Death knight commander - Doable?

I made a post on steam…gonna copy it here (grimtools is there too) but before that…basically, i wanna make a 2 hander necro, and am unsure what’s best/good to pair with it…focusing on hp leech to see how well it does. (if i get enough and they don’t 1hko me i should be good…that’s what I’m hoping).

EDIT: Sorry for my poor wording however, I’m not going soldier. I keep forgetting the alternate names of dual classes. I want to toss this in, didn’t think so posting early this morning - I don’t call…or am too familiar with the split class names. I always go by necro/occult or whatever. The death knight…was meant for the image, not literal. I do not want to do soldier, not going to do soldier. And the pets are there for aesthetic mostly/to make the class more like it, NOT for damage, or a reliable damage source…after asking for help elsewhere and hedging my bets…need to note this. Deathly commander, necro knight…vampire and minions…either one works well as well.

Anyhew, thanks in advance, sorry if it’s long. And It’s only partial at the moment…with some missed skillpoints. The necro stuff I want, the occult can be moved if there’s a better option.

I wanna make a 2hander character, and a necro that fights with his summons (so skellies are gonna be there to rush with me…but more of a “character” item rather then actual damage). Thanks in advance - and this may be a little long.

This is what I have so far -

So my question -
I’ve been looking at Demo, occultist (have an 82 occult/necro summoner…love some of the moves Heal and 100 poison resist are winning for me at the moment, but don’t wanna be 100 percent the same, unless it’s good), Arcanist (for the defenses) and Shaman for the obvious 2handedness.

  1. Which would be a good one to pair with necro, and why? Or why not…I think i get the why but one isn’t standing above the others.
  2. The first one in the shaman tree, is that "off default attacks…or is that like fire strike to change it to an attack?
  3. Given ashes…and all the poison necessary…is it better to switch to shaman, or keep with occultist? (my goal is hp leech from melee/vampire style death knight running with minions…noted in devotions).
  4. Is what I have so far viable, or is there a better 2 hander options (i’d like swords…but mostly the hp leech is the main thing. Sword or scythe, either or)
  5. is…or are the bonuses to Hp leech on hit cumulative (all added together,) or 6 here, 3 there, etc etc.
  6. The necro hp leech abilities (near the top), is one a beam type like AAR, and the other a nova type (seems like, might help with planning)

Any help appreciated

(and i know skellies do little for damage, they’re there to go for the character…and for fun. Not expecting them to be amazing).

The plan - with all the extra goodies… is to cast consumption on the ground (since i dunno about necro leechy moves) and curse - then beat the crap out of them with my scythe/heal half the damage. I figure if I don’t die in one hit, and can hit 5k damage at least, that’s 2000 a hit healed,if the “percentage healed” per attack is cumulative (added together). Even if I switch it to arcanist instead of occultist…might be pretty survivable/tanky.

I think it’s too early to call, and the meta is very much caster / combatant or summoner (but not both).

My Deathknight is level 48 atm in Veteran (2H) and is very squishy. The DPS OTOH is epic, meltingly good with cold / vit damage and a little aether too.

This will NOT be viable as I hit the higher levels. Suspect I’ll be re-speccing into S&B.

My pure summoner Necro (to be flipped into a Cabalist) is a beast though. Just Pokemon on steroids.

I too would like a build that allows you one or mebbe two pets and is ultimate-viable. But I think we need to see the expert builders experiment, and for new items to drop into the game to support it.

I think it can be done after you’ve farmed up enough legendary items for the build. The problem with hybrid summoners is that pets take up lots of skill points, as well as need to be supported by gear and devotions to be useful.

When I have amassed the gear, I’m planning to try something like this:

…or possibly this:

I edited to add, i’m sorry i forgot the dual class names, i meant it more as a figurative death knight/arthas (or kingdom rush) type death knight…knight with minions that does a lot of leechy damage. That’s why I tried to explain and add on.
That said for your occultist and other one, why add twin fangs to bone harvest, if you have something there for melee, why not go with the other melee proc for twin fangs to go more often o.0 or is bone harvest that spammable/often o.0

The pets…were more just an add on not a damage source/something to focus on, and i’m not shooting to conquer the world with this.

But thank you for the responses I’ll play around a bit more and add here if i come up with anything.