Deathwhisper Leggings need more resistances

Not many use ABB as their LMB skill and usually use it for Lethal Assault, but a minority of players do enjoy using ABB as a LMB skill

The leggings are perfect for builds that use ABB as LMB but they lack resistances and hence aren’t very preferable

Please consider adding some resistance to them

Would love to see some poison resists on them. I have huge trouble to cap them on my cold BM.

Edit: Chaos would be nice to :slight_smile:

Yes, they are underused for this reason

Chaos Resists would be nice since Waistguard gives us some Aether resistance

I am surprised they overlooked this item when they were handing out resistances they usually buff underused items

They buffed with phys resist like they did with Barbaros pants. I’d take other resists over that

Same here

Physical is the last resistance i think about.

Not just these, since the murder of nidalla pants there’s basically not a single item in that slot I’d consider trying to manage resists around rather than just using the slot to cap resists instead… :undecided:

Come to think of it
Even they don’t have any resistances now do they?

Nope, Nidalla Legwraps don’t have resists either. It always aggravates me when i see a legendary without a single main resist (the ones from the first page).

Same here

Atleast Valdun is in a relatively better place, could be better though

I find all the legendary pants to be underwelming, only pants I will use outside of a pair of MI pants are the Eastern Sets if I am using the Gloves or chest also for the huge 9-11% OA boost they’d grant as a 2 piece bonus.

The pants that offer + maivens and conversion aren’t bad. Name escapes me ATM, but I do use those sometimes.

Legwraps of Tranquil Mind and Wraithborne Legwraps to me are the best examples of awesome legendary pants. Good resists, great boosts and nice + to skills.

I also like Hellforged Legplates but i like them better when it had +2 to Vindictive Flame instead of Grenado. Don’t know why they changed it to Grenado.

Same here
Vindicative Flame bonus makes them useful
They could’ve simply added Grenado bonus rather than removing Vindicative Flame bonuses

Anyways i just hope they consider buffing Deathwhisper pants cause ABB LMB builds need more love imo

Fateweaver’s Leggings i suppose or maybe Arcane Harmony Leggings

You mean the ones with the resistance barrier proc right?’s-Leggings

Those. Though the skill proc is meh for most of my builds, I only end up using the pierce and physical.

Yeah those are pretty much the only ones I use as far as legendaries. No ateweaver since the nerf. Pretty great pants on my BM since they increased chaos resist

Chausses of Barbaros need a main resist too. I would honestly switch the physical resist to something like poison or aether.

^hear hear

needs a bit of rework otherwise the guardians of the galaxies of the witch Gods will always be disturbed:rolleyes: