Debuffs from Enemies

Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to cap all of my % Resistances to 80 but I remembered Situations where some enemies applied debuffs at me which reduced some of my % Resistances. Therefor I wanted to overcap my % Resistances against those debuffs. (Example me: 130% Iceresistance -50% Iceresistance Enemy-Debuff = 80% Iceresistance)

So here is now the big question: Does some sort of list exist with all debuffs from enemies with the % reduction of your resistances? I can’t find anything about that :confused:

There is no list, sadly. Mostly because before the latest patch, it was kinda hard to determine, whether you’re affected by resistance reduction, or not.
Now, resistance reduction shows debuff icon, and it shows how strong the reduction is, in tooltip.
As crucible runner, i’d say that the most important resistances to overcap are Vitality, Elemental, Aether and Poison. Not sure about pierce (because in my build it’s heavily overcapped anyway). Chaos & Bleed overcaps arent required.