Decomposition Vitality Damage Not Displayed

I noticed that when I take the skill modifier Decomposition on the Necromancer’s Drain Essence skill, the Vitality damage is not added to the Drain Essence skill. Shouldn’t it add the 22 Vitality damage to the listing. Is this a visual bug or the Vitality damage is not being added, or both?

pretty sure that’s normal tooltip behavior?
iirc when you take Inferno on Callidor’s tempest you also dont’ get he dmg added to display etc for other skills, “only main node and % passives affect it”
need to slot skill to LMB or RMB and view it in char page 2 up top

Well I do have it slotted in my RMB and it doesn’t show the vitality damage. That’s where I got the image of the skill not displaying the Vitality damage, in case I didn’t capture that in the image.

Here’s a new image showing that the skill is on my RMB. It also doesn’t show if I place it on the skill bar (not mouse button).

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Thanks it does show there. It’s been so long since I’ve played.
It’s odd that if you use the transmuter it reflects the damage from that, i.e. conversion to cold.
Really wish that could be resolved/updated as it makes it harder to see when modifiers are added.

It’s things like this that can be challenging to old returning players and new players.
Thanks again.

ye, sadly the native/“direct” tooltips are not that great, unsure what the mechnical/game table limitations or impacts are for displaying skill stuff “proper” (or even just remotely more accurate atleast), but the char page 2 way is all we’ve got
if nothing else you can atleast take comfort in the jank skill stat upgrade display is uniform in behavior in not showing stuff across the class skills :sweat_smile:

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