Decreasing gold stock

Hi, Since 0.8 the gold is decreasing although my balance is green and it should be getting more.
This started to happen a while into a new settlement. First everything was ok, I could aquire a gold stock but then suddenly it changed and instead of getting more it decreased.
I started a new settlement, it was not a saved settlement from a previous version. There are no buildings upgraded or built. Do you have any ideas why?

Need to be more specific. Gold won’t go down unless you’re spending it on something so do you have a compost yard, healer? You have a market if you’re collecting taxes, but if you’re not upgrading housing or building more houses to encourage immigration then your tax level will be static as only more housing or upgraded housing can generate more. Are you trading so moving gold into the trading post to spend? If so, there is a bug with the trading post atm where gold is not always transferred back out into your global storage although it’s accessible.

Well, thats just it. The number in the upper right corner is positive but the gold goes down. No, no money was tranferred to trader. It’s a settlement with approx. 150 people and yes, there are buildings which consume gold but the number is still green and it should go up, nevertheless. I just meant that there are no ‘new’ buildings that cost gold for building them are being build that could explain the drain of money. Other buildings and houses are of course build. Haven’t seen this in previous settlements before 0.8.

Tax earning was nerfed a bit in v0.8.0

This is probably why you’re seeing a bit of a drop.

If you hover your mouse over the tax income top right, you get a breakdown of income and cost. Try to not overdo it on expensive services that early in the game :slight_smile: also build excess housing - this will improve you tax income, along with buying bricks at the trading post to upgrade the market helps a lot early game as well as that doubles income from houses :slight_smile:

Are there any monthly expenses not included in the breakdown? Since the result there is positive and would not explain the drain?

No, they’re all in there if you’ve built them.

Found the problem. There was no place where the tax money could bei stored. Thanks for the ideas.

Strange, you should get a warning message if there are no facilities set to take gold ingots.

There was, but I didn’t pay close enough attention to the messages because I was focussed on everything else.