Dedicated Healer Tank - A Stalemate Video - Facetank Cruci 154 No buffs/banners

A while ago I posted my dedicated healer build ( ). It has no damage, but incredible healing, damage mitigation, and buffing/support capacity for your team (including massive OA/DA buffs (about 420 OA plus 8%), +32% Phys resist etc etc)

Now I have a video demonstrating it’s survivability, and it’s ability to keep even my doctor birb pets alive while facetanking 154 Crucible. Pity I couldn’t do enough damage to get past their regen, but as you can see, neither could they for me. :smiley: I had no crucible buffs or banners to help me, this is just what the character can bring to the table


Nice dude, would be a godsend to have this guy in a 4 man squad.