Dedicated Logistics center/teamster-type building for balancing between storages

While laborers are somewhat capable of managing resources, a dedicated building whose employees are singularly-dedicated to balancing storage between various storage buildings and workplaces would be great!

Examples where this has worked well: Tropico, some Anno entries.

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I recommend the wagons for this. Since they can carry more, they can make several stops among the hunters, foragers, and fisher folk, and later among the barn, crop fields, and arborists. Then they would take stored foods and items from the storehouses to the markets.

Crate is working on a feature that allows you to set a ‘minimum’ storage capacity, which should allow the player the ability to manage resources in a similar way to this.

Ya know, I have played many games that just make the storage universal and do away with the need to balance stuff…
The more storage buildings you have the more storage you have and are able to access everything from any of them.
But I’m guessing making it simple like that would not happen.

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Im really into logistics management and supply chains and i dont want to see it dumbed down too much, but yes, we need to have a way of allowing us to have control of how much of each quantity is stored in our stockpiles…

We would differently need to have a logistics building or Make sure that the labor is moving the resources properly and not moving trivial amounts like when your 1 under a target. That could kill the whole thing right there if that’s not figured in.

No I don’t think I’d like it simplified that way. It would be as annoying as The Sims where every fridge in the house has the entire stock of household food. I wanted to put the main food supply in a kitchen with a door that only admitted the adult who did the cooking (to stop the kids getting snacks) while I needed a separate fridge for the nanny to get baby bottles out of. No dice!
No I reckon with enough management tools we can get on top of these problems ourselves.

100%. There’s something to be said for the Anno approach of ‘magical everywhere storage’, which pushes more towards ledger-balancing and inter-site trading instead full supply chain mgmt and building siting.

I’m in agreement w/ the others that I’d prefer the underlying system remain as-is, though.

That choice of granular storage leads to a very different design philosophy that is equally valid.

Yeah, expanding the wagon’s current function (or setting building work mode) might add some interesting depth to the current use.

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