Defense > dps

I for now elite and now ultimate i have just been focused on resistance first then getting what i can for dps sloppy seconds. Makes it not as fun but it has been very good to me i can stand in stuff

Basically the story of the game since the game is kinda borked on the dps / tank model.

They are working on it.

Pet build master race :cool:

My hardcore DEE witchblade would also like to stand and be counted, . And my old blademaster. And I could probably respec my witchblade into a vitality build with very little effort. And numerous other builds out there…

It’s more about becoming comfortable with a certain playstyle and farming up the gear that you need to make it work, and often re-spec’ing your build based upon the gear that you have. Tactics that work on Veteran often have to be re-thought in Elite, and then re-thought again for Ultimate, then re-re-thought for Ultimate Loggy or BoC farming runs. However, I’ve found that as I get more comfortable with a build and get better gear, I inevitably go for more offense on it, too.

When you gear for more defensive make sure not to lose a lot of damage, if you aren’t dealing damage you are going to get overwhelmed by more and more monsters, making you feel too weak defensively. Sometimes the answer is to gear more offensively to clear monsters faster.

You shouldn’t go for densive stats at all costs, you still need to kill monsters.